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Environmental Justice

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What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental justice (EJ) is defined as the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

EJ efforts focus on improving the environment in communities,especially those with minority and low-income populations, and addressing any disproportionate adverse environmental impacts that may exist in those communities.

Energy education classWhy is Environmental Justice important?

EJ communities often have multiple sources of pollution in their neighborhoods. Sources of pollution can include wastewater treatment plants, power plants, polluting industries and over-stressed transportation networks.

Many residents of EJ communities face barriers to accessing government decision-making processes, often because of limited English proficiency and/or deficient understanding of notice and comment procedures.

What is NYPA’s role in Environmental Justice?

We are a member of New York State's Environmental Justice Interagency Taskforce, which is charged with developing policy recommendations and agency action plans for each of the participating agencies. As part of this taskforce, we have developed an Environmental Justice Action Plan which will guide our actions regarding any activity that may have an impact of EJ communities.


  • Collaborate with environmental justice communities near NYPA’s facilities
  • Develop environmental justice training of NYPA staff
  • Implement energy efficiency educational program within environmental justice communities near NYPA facilities
  • Establish an internal Environmental Justice Task Force at NYPA
  • Develop energy efficiency, clean energy and electric transportation projects in environmental justice
    communities near NYPA facilities

recent progress:

NYPA's Sustainability on the Move vanEnergy Education Initiatives

  • NYPA support helped bring the Science Barge to the Yonkers riverfront.

  • This floating classroom utilizes wind and solar energy technologies while demonstrating organic farming techniques.

  • Sustainability on the Move is NYPA's new mobile energy exhibit, transported in an all-electric Ford Transit Connect van designed to teach urban elementary school students about energy efficiency and clean power sources.

Yonkers Science Barge

We Want to Hear From You!

Whether to say hello, invite NYPA to a community event, arrange an in-person meeting, share your ideas or ask questions about our EJ activities, we want to hear from you!

Please contact:

Environmental Justice Division
New York Power Authority
(914) 390-8184

About NYPA:

NYPA's mission is to provide clean, low-cost and reliable energy consistent with our commitment to the environment and safety, while promoting economic development and job development, energy efficiency, renewables and innovation, for the benefit of our customers and all New Yorkers.