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the Power
Authority will offer you opportunities
to grow. It did that for me. I got my Bachelor of Science degree at age 55, thanks to NYPA's help."

— Mack Argentieri
Operations superintendent, control room operations
(Power Supply)

Who We Are

Here at the New York Power Authority, we are proud to be America's largest state public power organization.

From Long Island to the Niagara Frontier, NYPA helps to energize the economy and communities of New York while extending the benefits of our nationally recognized energy-efficiency programs and innovative technologies to more of New York State's energy users.

Besides saving residents and businesses more than $1 billion in electricity costs each year, our low-cost power helps support more than 380,000 jobs statewide. Our business customers range from Fortune 100 giants competing in international markets to small manufacturing or service firms that are vital to local economies.

The Power Authority's extensive involvement in energy efficiency and renewable-fuel technologies reflects our commitment to the environment. With "sustainability" as our guiding principle, we've extended this commitment into the area of green buildings in order to make our facilities operate in the healthiest, most environmentally sound manner possible.


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