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    What We Believe

Our mission is to provide clean, economical and reliable energy consistent with our commitment
to safety, while promoting energy efficiency and innovation for the benefit of our customers and all New Yorkers.

We recognize that a talented, skilled and motivated workforce, committed to the highest standards of integrity, is an essential factor in meeting our goals.

We understand that the environment in which jobs are performed is critical  to success. That's why at NYPA we value new ideas, encourage open, constructive communication, reward excellence and help people to achieve their goals.

We make leaders of employees who inspire others to excel by empowering them to think independently and encouraging initiative.

It is through our exceptional people that NYPA remains dedicated to its priorities—safety, teamwork and diversity—and fulfills its fundamental mission.
    "Growing up in Western New York, I used to drive by the Niagara Power Project and wonder what it would be like to be part of something so immense and so important to New York State. In my current role, I have gained appreciation for all of our generation assets and the talented people who safely maintain and operate them for the benefit of all New York State."

— Joe Kessler
SVP of Power Generation

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